Hi, I’m Vishen Lakhiani.

I’m the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, where I lead an amazing team of 100+ individuals focused on building disruptive systems that push humanity forward.

I’m a computer engineer by training. But beyond that, I’m a humanist. I stand for ideas, companies and products that allow human beings to live healthier, enhance their happiness and magnify their potential. What I stand against are ideas, dogma and business that promote unhealthy products, industrial age ideas, or primitive notions of man’s place in the world.

As a result almost all my businesses involve products or services that change human behavior to encourage human beings to enhance their lives, their health, expand their visions and shake off the shackles from cultural baggage of the past. I call this culture hacking.

Through Mindvalley, I invest and build education companies. Our goal is to help spread enlightened ideas to 1 billion people by 2050, ideas that you won’t get from traditional education systems. Collectively, we’ve been growing like crazy and now employ brilliant minds from 30+ different countries, all of whom work in our playpen for adults aka Mindvalley HQ, billed by Inc Magazine readers as one of the World’s Coolest Offices in 2012.

I’m an advisor to several Bay Area startups, sit on the Innovation Board for the X Prize Foundation and via the Mindvalley Foundation, support a number of philanthropic ventures focused on bringing better education to developing nations by funding initiatives such as Project Renaissance. More on my brands and companies below.

My Brands and Companies.

Mindvalley Media takes authors with powerful new ways of boosting human potential and brings them mainstream. We’re grateful to be one of the world’s largest online publishers of leading-edge education on mindfulness practices, alternative health, and entrepreneurship, with over 250,000 students who’ve taken our courses online.

Through Mindvalley Technology, we recently launched Omvana, a hot app and education platform designed to spread modern meditation practice to millions worldwide by making the practice easy, cool, hip and sexy. Our goal here is to hack human behavior to make meditative practices as common as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Awesomeness Fest is a festival I started that brings together elite entrepreneurs, artist and visionaries from around the world to connect, grow and impact each others lives. People describe it as a cross between Burning Man and TED. Thousands apply every year for a few hundred spots and all money raised goes to game-changing charities and NGOs

I’m passionate about hacking work culture. By 2020, Mindvalley aims to be the #1 place in the world to work. We’ve been pioneering some pretty innovative models. We’ve also been on the WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ for 6 straight years. To learn more about our culture, check out my TEDx talk on How to Build the World’s Greatest Workplace.

Mindvalley Insights is a space where we openly and freely share our processes, marketing, business strategies and trade secrets with the world. It’s become one of the world’s first examples of open-sourcing a marketing and business processes. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll love the info here.

The Mindvalley Foundation is a vehicle for me to realize a teenage goal of contributing a billion dollars to NGOs and causes around the planet that are pushing the human race forward. We’ve supported the Pachamama Alliance which preserves millions of acres of Amazon land and more recently, the X Prize foundation, which uses incentivized prize competitions to inspire scientist and entrepreneurs to solve the biggest problems facing humanity today.

Finally, in 2013, we launched Project Renaissance, in conjunction with the grand opening of the 150-seater Hall of Awesomeness. Project Renaissance is an attempt to turn Kuala Lumpur into one of the top 20 places in the world to start a dot-com. This is one of my favorite projects, we’re attempting to hack the mindset of the youth of an entire city to create more entrepreneurs and reduce brain drain. With Project Renaissance we’re looking to shift the history of an entire nation and create a highly efficient, lean, agile method to revitalize startup environments in cities around the world.

For questions, info or to just say hi, you can reach me at email

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